My name is Michael Berwick, and welcome to my portfolio of work. I have provided work throughout my education and work to show my development over time, and highlight the vast areas of landscape that I have worked on.  I am 24 and come from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I studied Landscape Architecture with ecology at the University of Sheffield, as well as undertaking my Masters there .

Apart from my keen passion for Landscape I also enjoy sports. I try my hand at anything, and have been known to partake in the likes of kickboxing and American football! I enjoy watching football, and regularly go down to see Brighton and Hove Albion try to win a game. On my lazier days I’m happy listening to some music or watching endless tv sitcoms.

One thing I want to make sure I do again is go travelling. Back in 2008 I road tripped around Europe, and I’ve never had such an amazing experience. The next place I would love to go and explore is South America.

I have taken a keen interest in Landscape architecture since my A-levels, when I got talking to an architect on site whilst being a labourer for my Dad. I originally looked into the world of buildings and soon came across the Landscape side of it. Landscape Architecture intrigued me as it seemed different to the bog standard architecture. I have always been relatively artistic, and it seemed like a profession that allowed me to express that, while at the same time I could work with the engineered side of design, as I have always been fascinated at how things work and come together. At the time it was still an unknown profession, and perhaps not much has changed today, but I knew as soon as I did work experience with a firm I wanted in. This is when I enrolled at the University of Sheffield.

Since I enrolled 5 years ago a lot of my perceptions have changed. I never realised how broad Landscape Architecture is, and to this day I still find it difficult to define. What I do know is that a change is needed, maybe even in the process, and I hope to be part of this change. This is why I am keen to not only work in the design area of Landscape, but also management and research. Management of Landscape will be crucial in aiding long-lasting spaces that can adapt to change, and make people realise that they don’t want car parking spaces everywhere! I want to show people that there are more than 20 plant species out there, and I want to show the professional world that Landscape Architects should be first choice.



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